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eTycoon Rocks
Monday, 11 April 2011
eTycoon Kicks Butt
Howdy - You were probably shocked when you read the title of this page on Google..

Yeah, I plan on actually giving a REAL eTycoon review.

Everyone who says “Honest eTycoon Reviews” or “eTycoon scam - Is it for real?”

or whatever it may be is basically profiting from something they haven’t even seen yet- and there’s no real eTycoon review on their website.

I plan on giving a REAL, fully detailed eTycoon review - I’m getting review access because I’m cool like that.

EDIT: I’ve got access!!

Check out this short clip from the Intro video:

(Video viewable on my home page, links at bottom)

I’m impressed with just that segment of the intro haha

eTycoon seems like a pretty kick ass system - Ryan Moran actually has an awesome success story to back it all up.. and there are quite a few testimonials from customers who put his stuff into practice and made it work for themselves.

My eTycoon review - I’m not done going through the course yet, but here’s a little bit of what’s inside..

There are 4 modules -
Module #1: Buying Websites
Module #2: Building Tycoon Value
Module #3: Making More Money
Module #4: Selling For The Maximum

Each of these modules contain around 10 extremely detailed, step by step videos from a guy who really knows what he’s talking about..

eTycoon is a high-ticket item for a reason. Ryan covers everything you need to know about virtual real estate and I guarantee you won’t need another course how to make it work for you.

Preliminary suggestion - If you can’t afford to buy a membership at eTycoon, this course probably isn’t for you. You will need a little bit of start up cash to really put this system to work. BUT - he does talk a lot about gaining capital. First starting out, you’ll buy lower priced sites that make $__/month. After following the course and further monetizing sites that already make money, you can build upon that by selling them and expanding your portfolio with more profitable sites. If you’ve got an extra chunk of cash lying around and a bit of time to learn this business - go for it. This is the best info out there from a guy who makes big money doing it.

Don’t bother looking for any other eTycoon reviews - no one else even has access to the course!

eTycoon -Scam? That’s absurd. It’s a bit pricey but it’s definitely worth the money if you have it to spend.

Get it here!


I’ve added another clip where Ryan talks nonchalantly about selling one of his $7,000/month websites.. and how he could’ve sold it for $70k but he knew he could get more.. *He personally gave me permission to post segments of his course*

“This is common for Tycoon sites (to make $7k/month)” - !!!!

He continues on to talk about how to get these eTycoon sites to sell for 30x the monthly revenue instead of just 10.

I don’t know about you, but $70,000 sounds pretty nice to me haha.

eTycoon review update - You’re gonna learn everything Ryan knows about making huge profits selling websites. He teaches everything in this video series. Not only that, but there are tons of case studies in eTycoon that by themselves motivate you enough to get started in this business. There’s plenty of success stories from eTycoon students as well..

I’ve never been big on flipping websites - but after going through this course and following it to the T I can promise that you’ll have what it takes to succeed in this business.

eTycoon is by far the most comprehensive, easy to follow, highly detailed site flipping course I’ve ever seen.

The fake eTycoon reviews out there aren’t gonna be worth the time it takes to read them. They don’t even know what’s inside! My second preliminary eTycoon review - get it if you have a couple hundred bucks lying around.

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Posted by hershelalber922 at 2:01 AM EDT

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